Saving Time And Money When Painting The Exterior Of A House

Technology changes very rapidly, it has the tendency to impact almost every aspect of modern life; this is even true when it comes to exterior painting in San Antonio. Modern paints are now being applied more often than not using methods not employed a few years ago. Having an understanding of the products and application techniques used today helps the homeowner get a long-lasting paint finish in the quickest time possible, both of which add up to savings.

The use of a sprayer:

Perhaps the primary reason why sprayers are now the norm rather than the exception is time savings. It is hard to compare the time it now takes to paint the exterior of a house vs. the old method of brush and roller, depending on the size of the house, it can easily cut the time from a week to just a couple of days. There is no need for the homeowner to think that to get the speed the painter is sacrificing quality, far from it. A professional at exterior painting in San Antonio can get as good if not better finish when the paint is applied with a sprayer. Paint which is applied by spray id usually much smoother and more uniform, there will be fewer runs and other misfortunes compared to brush and roller application.

Money savings:

Not only do sprayers give a superior finish, the use of one saves the homeowner money. The old traditional method of brushes and rollers can take many more days that to do the same job with a sprayer. When it comes to any work that is done on your house by a professional it is good never to forget that “time is money.” When you can get a better job in fewer hours it is definitely a win-win situation.

The personal touch is still there:

Using a sprayer will never totally eliminate the need for craftsmanship. There are still numerous places on the house where the personal, hand painted touch is still required. It is impossible to paint the trim around windows and doors, the gutters and doors with a sprayer, nothing will ever replace time honored tools and skills for these areas. Also, if it is necessary to prime an area before painting to ensure that the underlying wood is well protected, hand painting is a must.

When you get exterior painting in San Antonio done by a pro you really don’t have to worry, the pros know best what to do and how to do it.

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