San Antonio Silestone Kitchen Countertops Vs Other Materials

Silestone is an engineered countertop material, this beautiful and durable material is appropriate for use in bathrooms and kitchens in today's modern homes. The demand for stone countertops has never been so high and Silestone kitchen countertops in San Antonio along with granite are leading the way.

The composition of Silestone:

Silestone is an engineered stone material, it is composed of over 90 percent natural quartz and other hard wearing material held together with polymer resin. The material has the look and feel of natural stone slabs but have the inherent qualities of laminated countertops. The material is readily available in a host of colors and patterns.

Silestone has the ability to withstand heat and combat stains. Once the countertop has been installed and finished it is a clean, hygienic working surface which resists the growth of harmful bacteria.

The benefits of a Silestone kitchen countertop:

  • Resistant to stains: Because Silestone is almost all non-porous quartz it is resistant to staining. Spills in a kitchen are inevitable, when you have chosen Silestone kitchen countertops in San Antonio there is no need to be concerned when coffee, lemon juice, vinegar or oil is spilled. A simple wipe with a damp cloth is all that is needed.
  • Resistant to acid: Silestone countertops are resistant to the affects of common acids found around the kitchen.
  • Scratch resistant: Silestone is phenomenally tough and durable; it can take a great deal of abuse without any apparent affect.
  • Impact resistant: If you should drop a pot or pan on your Silestone countertop you don't have to worry about damage, this is not the case with granite which is considerably easier to chip.

Although Silestone is normally found on bathroom and kitchen countertops it is also an ideal material to use in high traffic areas of your home. The durability and low maintenance makes it a great material for entranceway floors and other high traffic areas.

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