Maintaining Your Shingle Roofing

Many homes make use of tile and cedar shingle roofing for the aesthetic values as well as the economic benefits. Depending on your climate, shingles may be a better option than standard asphalt roofing by providing better heat reflection or absorption during the summer. This can help lower your utility costs throughout the year, or even help with alternative heating methods. Additionally, you can find both wood and tile shingles in a variety of colors and shades to match your existing home décor or to match the neighborhood requirements for housing coordination.

Keeping Debris Clear

By their nature, tile roofing can look delicate and, in some cases, it’s true. However the benefits are vast and for many homeowners this is their first choice in a new roof style. Keeping debris clear is one of the biggest maintenance issues faced, but it shouldn’t have to be a burden. A simple power sprayer now and then throughout the year can keep moss and other debris clear of the tiles which provides a much better water runoff during rainstorms. Additionally, installing a copper wire net to the ridgeline can also help prevent the growth of moss, but if water is being collected from the roof for gardens or drinking water this may not be a suitable option. One of the biggest downsides to having a tile roof is when you may be in need of partial replacement of some tiles. Matching the same color of tiles on your older roof can be difficult. On the other hand, many homeowners that use tile roofing in San Antonio opt for an assortment of tiles with very few matching in exact shade. This provides a unique hue across the entire roof, while making replacements much easier since there is less restriction on needing an exact match.

The Rustic Look of Wood Shingles

Some homeowners decide to use wood shingles or shakes to match their personal desires in how their home looks. Shingles are normally smooth while shakes are rough cut and often don’t match in shape. The former provides a more stylish look, while the latter is great for that rustic feel. Red cedar is the most commonly used wood, though pine, oak, and some other woods can be used. All of it is preservative treated and if maintained properly can last an extremely long time. The biggest downside is that wood shingles can become damaged if the weather is often cold or freezing, so it’s normally not the best choice in northern states.

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