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House paint varies considerably in color and sheen. Sheen is the visual effect once it is dry. High gloss paint reflects light well and has the most sheen. However, the high sheen will show every imperfection in the surface. Flat paint is a matte finish and has no sheen. Satin finish paint is in the middle.

When house painters take on a large project, such as painting every room in the house, they will invariably use different finishes for different rooms. Each finish has certain advantages as well as disadvantages. The best people to discuss finishes with are the painters you hired in San Antonio.

Flat Paint

The fact that flat paint has no gloss is appealing to many homeowners. However, as attractive as it may be, flat paint is more susceptible to wear and is very difficult to keep clean.

High Gloss Paint

High gloss has the opposite characteristics and appearance of flat paint. High gloss paint is shiny but shows off irregularities on the surfaces. The surfaces must be prepared extremely well before painting. House painters tend to use high gloss paint for trim, doors, and rooms that are frequently used.

Satin Finish

The third alternative paint available in San Antonio is satin, often called “eggshell.” The finish is in-between flat and high gloss. Satin paint is a popular all-purpose paint. It is used in living rooms, hallways, and entrance foyers. Satin paint is durable and can be washed easily. This makes it ideal for children’s rooms, bathrooms, as well as kitchens.

There is no single best paint finish. Rather there are different finishes available for different situations. House painters use different finishes as standard practice. Some homeowners find themselves “on the fence” when it comes to painting types. In situations like this, it is common practice to use satin paint as the “happy medium.” Satin paint is easy to clean and is good at concealing irregular surfaces.

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