Making Your Bathroom Special: Tips to add Color Tastefully

Color is a great way to add personality to a space, and your bathroom is no exception. Color that is well done adds depth and dimension to a room. It is key that you do not go overboard though. Overpowering colors can cause an area to be too loud and chaotic. There are several ways that you can add color to your bathroom, without it being an assault to your eyes.

Wall Colors

It is very easy to overdo a wall color. Painting a small room one bright color is going to be painful to look at. You can tone it down either by choosing a less overwhelming shade of the color you like, or by using the bright color sparingly. A single accent wall is a great way to add a punch of color, but you need to make sure that it fits with the shape and size of the room.

Boarders, Edges, and Other Small Accents

It is going to be more effective to have small pieces of your color throughout the room, especially with a small area like a bathroom. Bathroom remodeling contractors in San Antonio can help you pick tile accents and other small pieces that work well to bring in bright color. This lets the room stay cohesive, while preventing color overload. Trimming tile around the tub surround with the color of your choice is a nice way to bring a pop of color into a space, and having similar trimming around the sink will give the color continuity throughout the room.

Other Décor Items

Bright and exciting colors do not always need to be permanently in the room. Candles, flowers, and other décor pieces are a great way to introduce color to your bathroom. This is a low cost option, and it is also very customizable. Changing the décor with the seasons and holidays is a neat way to add variety and keep things fresh.

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