Choosing the Right Interior Design for your Remodeling Project

You love your house, but it’s time for a bit of a change. Maybe you just moved into your dream home, or you could have loved it for years. Change is good, and it freshens up an area and makes it feel new and welcoming in a whole new light. Deciding on the best ways to make that change can be difficult, so working with an interior designer in San Antonio should definitely be considered. Their experience and opinions can help you make a final decision on your project, or at least give you some more ideas to consider as you start deciding where things will go.

Color and Lighting Make a Big Difference

Two of the most important things with your interior décor is the color and the lighting. Both of these elements are so simple, but often overlooked, and each one can alter the mood of the person in the room. Certain colors can make you feel relaxed and happy, or sad and depressed, so making sure you have the right one in your family room can be important. Lighting is also a key element to consider with any room in the house as it can provide both direct and indirect accents throughout the day. Direct lighting can brighten the entire room and help you save a bit on utility costs, while indirect lighting can create unique floor spots and rays of sunlight which will enhance the rooms’ details and various textures.

A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place

The placement of furniture can make or break a room. When you are working with an interior designer, they will sketch your room on a piece of graph paper with precise measurements to windows, doors and other permanent accents. Furniture will then be adjusted on the paper to see how it looks. Leaving plenty of space to travel through the room is important, while also taking into consideration any heating or cooling outlets, lighting elements, and electrical outlets. You obviously don’t want ot have your favorite reading chair and floor lamp too far away from the outlet, otherwise the lamp cable could cause a tripping hazard. These are minor adjustments which some people may overlook, but an interior designer can easily take notice of and make an educated adjustment to help everything fit together perfectly. And since it’s all on a graph paper or computer program, it’s easy for you to make adjustments if you want to try something new or simply don’t like how something is looking.

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