Choosing The Right Home Painting Contractor

Hiring the right painting contractor can mean the difference between a beautiful result, one that you will be happy with for years and one that shows excessive wear in just a year or two. The trick lies in your finding and hiring the right painting contractor in San Antonio.

Finding the best painting professional:

The best way to find candidates for your painting job is through word of mouth. Start with references that you can get from people that you know; neighbors, relatives, and coworkers are all good sources of information. They can give you the names of painting contractors, and they can give you their opinion, positive or negative. Another good source of information on local businesses is the BBB; Better Business Bureau. You can get the current rating of the contractors that are members. The best painting contractor in San Antonio will have an A+ rating, any companies with a low a lower score are rarely worth considering.

Contact the painting companies:

  • By this time, you will have a list of painting contractors that other people are comfortable recommending. Contact them and ask that they visit your home. The better the contractor understands you, the more likely they will see and share in your vision and be able to see it through to reality.
  • Now is an ideal time to ask for references. Try to get names of previous clients that you can contact as well as visit; seeing the results of past work is worth a thousand words.
  • Once you have a short list of candidates, now you can ask for detailed proposals. You will want to know what paint they are proposing and all the services other than the painting that is included.

Do not be swayed into accepting the lowest price; this may not be in your best interest. If a quotation is considerably less than the completion, you can almost be sure something is wrong, or something has not been included in the price.

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