Choosing The Right Hardwood Floor For Your Home

Not all hardwood floors are created equal, picking one takes a lot more than simply choosing the color. The choice of hardwood floors in San Antonio is a basic and yet important decision, the right choice is the key to the rest of the renovation. There are a number of factors that will influence your ultimate decision.

Solid vs. Engineered Hardwood Floor:

In years past hardwood flooring was available only in solid timber. This material is still extremely popular but it has been joined in the market with material produced from a thin veneer of hardwood bonded to layers of material which are arranged in such a way that they prevent shifting during cycles of expansion and contraction.

Engineered wood is ideal if it is being installed on a concrete subfloor, there is no need for a plywood sub floor and it can cope well if there is under-floor heating in the room. The buyer must be careful, less costly products will have a thinner veneer of real hardwood than more costly examples, thus refinishing in the future can be compromised if the wrong choices are made up front.

Prefinished vs., site finishing:

Engineered hardwood floors in San Antonio are factory finished. Hardwood planks can be purchased in both finished and unfinished condition. The advantage of opting for finished planks is you know in advance what to expect, you will have chosen the material using a real sample of the finished product. T is also considerably quicker to complete the installation as there is no need to sand, color and seal once the flooring is laid.

Types of Hardwood Floor:

In the US market; oak hardwood floors are king and for a very good reason. Oak is hard, extremely durable and takes stains well. Oak has a beautiful grain and because of its popularity, it is also the least expensive of all hardwoods. In rooms where a darker color is desirable, walnut is a perfect choice but there are also other choices including cherry, maple, ash and hickory.

Regardless of whether you opt for engineered or natural hardwood floors in San Antonio you can rest assured that you are getting a beautiful floor that will last for many years.

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