Choosing Windows for Your Sunroom

Choosing Windows for Your Sunroom

Adding a sunroom to your home can make you love your home more than ever before. If you are planning a sunroom addition, you will need at least 20 or more windows. This is why it is crucial to understand the importance of the choices you make regarding material, price, and style of your windows. Choosing the wrong style can make or break your project. There are probably hundreds of different styles you can choose from, and the decision can be made easier by answering your big picture questions before you go on the hunt for your new windows.

Energy Efficiency

You can expect to pay anywhere from $700-$1000 for one double-paned glass window for your sunroom. This double-pane glass will have low-emissivity which keeps the heat from coming into your home in the summer and escaping it during the cold winter months. This makes them twice as efficient as regular single-paned windows that most people used twenty years ago. You can even get triple-paned windows which will cost you about $500 or more up front.

How should they open?

You may want a lot of fresh air coming in on that beautiful spring day, but just how much do you want? This is a big deciding factor when it comes to choosing windows for your sunroom.

  • Fixed windows are the most cost-effective of the different types and are used in solarium-style sunrooms with a basic setting.
  • Slider windows cost a bit more but consist of two different framed panes that move from side to side.
  • Casement windows are hinged on one single side and you will use a hand crank to open the whole window. This will bring a lot of air and light into your new sunroom but they do require a great deal of maintenance.
  • Awning windows are much like casement windows and have hinges on the tops of them. The window is then able to become a rain shield when it is open. They assist in letting the warm air escape from your sunroom and keeping your room cooler.

Many Choices

Choosing the right type of window for your sunroom doesn't have to be super challenging. After all of the big picture decisions are made, there is very little left that you will need to do besides enjoy your beautiful new sunroom. The right windows can make all of the difference and help you to enjoy your home more than ever before.

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