Top Three Reasons Why Marble Kitchen Countertops In San Antonio Are The Latest Trend

When renovating your kitchen, there are a ton of decisions that you will need to make. Aside from considering the nature of your appliances, cabinets, and even the sink, you will need to figure out the best type of countertops for you. Lately, marble countertops have been staging an incredible comeback in interior design, especially among younger and first time homeowners. While some are confused by the resurgence in popularity, there are actually a number of reasons why marble is preferable to other materials commonly used. Here are the top three reasons why marble kitchen countertops in San Antonio are the latest trend.

Reason #1: Marble Is Easy To Clean

People who love spending time in the kitchen, especially those who love to bake, will find that marble countertops are the best on the market for them. They are exceptionally easy to clean. More often than not, simply wiping them down with a warm, damp cloth or sponge is enough to leave them spotless. Tougher stains can easily be removed by leaving a baking soda and water paste to sit on the stain for a few hours, and wiping it off with a warm cloth.

Reason #2: Marble Is Resilient

Marble is one of the most resilient materials available for countertops, making it ideal for those who cook a lot as well as bakers. Hot pots, pans, and baking sheets can be left on marble without damaging its surface, making it especially useful in kitchens without a lot of extra counter space.

Reason #3: Marble Is Beautiful

There are many types of marble available, in varying degrees of porousness, color, and required maintenance. Regardless of the type you choose for your countertops, it will undoubtedly be beautiful. Grey marble is becoming an especially popular choice for kitchen counters, with brilliant shades of white being a close second.

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