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Professional water damage restoration is an ever-evolving and rapidly growing business. In the past, when a home was damaged by water from a burst pipe or a flood, a local contractor would show up with a couple of high-powered fans hoping for decent results. No more; there is an awareness of serious health problems caused by mold, bacteria, and mildew and there is new technology available to restore a home properly after being damaged by water.

Number one priority, dry the interior out:

The first and the most important step is to waste no time in getting the house dried out. Although fans do help, they are far from effective. Fans will dry the surface, but they are not effective deep down where it matters most. When walls, floors, furnishings, carpet, etc. are soaked, improper drying will quickly result in mold growth, bacteria growth and, in the worst cases, the water can lead to structural damage.

Homeowners are not prepared to deal with these problems; the only solution is to call an expert in water damage restoration in San Antonio, people that have the equipment and knowledge to take care of the immediate problems.

What can you expect the professionals to do?

From the moment the pros walk through the door, they will start working. They will get dehumidifiers and air purifiers operating, blowers and fans will be placed in strategic locations, and specially designed floor dryers will be employed. The objective of water damage restoration experts is to effectively and quickly, get the house dried out.

It may take more than just drying out:

Although getting the place dry is the number one priority, depending on the amount of water and how long it sat before the restoration people were contacted, there may be far more to the project. Ceilings, insulation, drywall, ducting and more may be involved. When there is extensive structural and infrastructure damage a contractor skilled in water damage restoration in San Antonio will be needed to get your home back into living condition as soon as possible.

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