Design Ideas for Creating the Perfect Sunroom

Many homeowners have chosen to add a sunroom to their existing home. This can be a small room to simply enjoy a book, or it can be a much more spacious area for family gatherings and breakfast to be enjoyed. Sunrooms are a great transitional space between the indoors and the outdoors, providing ample natural light without the annoyance of insects, rain or other elemental factors. As such, you may often find a sunroom is an excellent place to grow potted plants and small decorative trees, or could be a wonderful spot for a birdcage as long as you ensure the room does not get too hot. Creating the perfect sunroom is limited only by your personal interests and desires, but let’s consider the following ideas.

Select Elements You Will Enjoy

You can spend time looking through home magazines and seeing how other people have designed their sunroom space, but your personal interests may not be anything like theirs. Here are some of the key areas to think about when furnishing and designing your space:

  • Furniture. A sunroom is protected from most environmental changes, so you are not limited to outdoor furniture only. In fact, an oversized plush chair and ottoman could be the best place for you to enjoy a book on a rainy day.
  • Lighting. Many sunrooms include electrical outlets which makes it easy to add table tamps, floor lamps and other lighting elements. Consider patio lighting, rope lights or twinkle lights for a unique but subtle ambient light.
  • Climate control. Of course your room will receive plenty of sun, but this doesn’t mean it needs to turn into an uncomfortably hot oven! Ceiling fans are a common choice to keep air moving, and some even choose to include an independent air conditioning unit as well!

Sunrooms are great for winter enjoyment as well, with fireplaces or propane heating being a common addition. Enjoy the natural lighting, watch the autumn leaves or winter snow fall around you, and still remain comfortable in your personalized space.

Don’t Forget High Quality Windows!

Having proper insulation around a widow, and using energy efficient double-paned glass can make a world of difference in your energy bills and temperature within the sunroom. Gain the full benefit of allowing natural lighting in while keeping the heat or cold outside where it belongs. Once you have a well-insulated and properly furnished sunroom, you and your family may enjoy this new space more than other rooms within your home!

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