Choose Shaw Company As Your Remodeling Contractor in Alamo Heights, TX

If you are searching for a remodeling contractor in the Alamo Heights, TX area, you may be wondering who to consider. At Shaw Company, we make it easy to make the right decision because our business is thriving and has been going strong for many years. There are a few simple tips for ensuring that we do our job right, which can include:

  • Knowing what you want
  • Have a time-frame in mind
  • Have a list of rules for us
  • Keep in contact

The above tips will ensure that you get exactly what you want and aren’t disappointed when the job is finished.

What You Want

It is okay to tell us that you don’t know exactly what you want, including specifications, measurements and the like. However, you should have an idea. For example, calling us and telling us you want your bathroom remodeled will bring us to ask questions about what you want to have done. For example, bathroom remodeling can include new:

  • Tiles
  • Tubs
  • Shower stall/fixtures
  • Sinks and fixtures
  • Mirror installation
  • Toilets

We can help you make the right choices about which fixtures or tiles you want, but you should know in advance that you need a new toilet or some easier-to-maintain tiles so we can start helping you.


While we strive to get projects done on time, we know you may have a particular target date in mind. Letting us know that during the initial talks will help us determine if we can get it done in the timeframe allotted to us. We want to ensure your satisfaction, and this is an excellent way to start.


You probably have a few ground rules that you want us to obey, which is completely fine. A remodeling contractor in Alamo Heights, TX should be willing to work around your schedule. We should know which hours we’re allowed to work in the home and other important things. We will usually discuss with you about our restroom facility needs and the notices you’ll receive from us, but if we don’t mention it, feel free to ask.


One of the best pieces of advice we can give our customers and potential clients is to stay in touch with us as much as you want. We are here to ensure that your project runs smoothly, so if you have any questions or concerns, we wish to know about them immediately. We try very hard to keep you up-to-date, but you’re always welcome to contact us and get a report on how things are going.

We are here to serve you and ensure that you have the perfect result. You should be happy with your decision to change your home for the better and we want to help you do that.

If you’re interested in having some part of your house remodeled, contact us today. We look forward to working with you to better your house and get more enjoyment while at home.

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