How Long Does Exterior Paint Last?

Deciding when to repaint the exterior of your home is often based on the quality of the initial application of paint, the paint quality and the weather conditions in the area. Although there is nothing that anyone can do about the weather there are things that can be done to ensure the longest life possible for the exterior paint. Painting contractors in San Antonio are the right people to turn to for a realistic answer to the question.

Advice is varied:

Experts in the field debate the longevity of an exterior paint job, some think that it is reasonable to repaint every five or six years while others are of the opinion that every ten years or more is closer to the truth. It should come as no surprise that the estimates vary as much as they do because of the number of factors that have to be taken into account.


The first consideration is always weather. The paint on the outside of a home located along the Gulf Coast will not last as long as the paint on a house located in a more temperate environment. The salt in coastal air is detrimental to a painted surface; the same is true when the home is subjected to intense sun.

Paint choices:

Aside from the affects of the weather, the type of paint that is applied also has a significant impact on the longevity of the surface. Painting contractors in San Antonio are great believers in using high grade paint, although it may cost a little more, it will outlast cheaper paint by years.

Although the color scheme is very personal, darker colors tend to fade faster than lighter colors. Oil based paints break down faster than water based, latex paints. Matt paints attract mildew faster, glossy paints tend to show cracks more than semi-gloss paints.

It is really a difficult job to choose a paint that will be perfect for all situations. This is one very good reason to relay on skilled and experienced painting contractors in San Antonio who have helped hundreds of homeowners get the most out of their paint job.

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