3 Things You Did Not Know About Water Damage Restoration

3 Things You Did Not Know About Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration is an art. It is a couple of notches about other types of construction projects because it poses special challenges that you do not find on other job sites. There is a lot of work that has to go into a restoration if you want it to come out correct. A lot of people do not know too much about this type of restoration because luckily a lot of people do not fall victim often. There are 3 things that most people do not know about water damage and the repair process.

1. The three levels. Water damage is categorized on three different levels. Water damage from a clean source (like a dishwasher or washing machine) is category I, water that comes from a source that has the potential to cause illness is category II (brackish water) category III is the worst category because it is relative to water sources that WILL make you sick like sewage lines. These categories are important because it will determine the steps that are necessary to begin restoration. Even clean sources of water can be dangerous if not handled as soon as possible.

2. Short window of opportunity. When you have water damage you have a short window of opportunity to get it fixed before it starts to become worse. It only takes about 48-72 hours for mold and mildew to set in and cause further damage to your goods or property. Acting quickly to get a restoration team in place can help to avoid further issues. Your first goal should always be to minimize further damage. If it is a water main, shut down the water supply, sewage issue shut down the water supply, whatever is causing the damage shutting off the water will help.

3. You may not be covered. Homeowner’s policies vary and you may not be covered for all or even some of the repairs. Reporting the issue as soon as possible and taking the steps to minimize the damage may help your claim to be processed quickly. Before you begin work to restore be sure to call your insurance company to find out what if anything they will cover.

Water damage can be extensive. You need professional help as soon as you can get it to reduce the amount of damage and to start the restoration. Call Shaw Company Remodeling when you need help with water damage.

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