Why Are Silestone Kitchen Countertops A Great Choice?

There are a lot of great choices for kitchen countertops including granite, marble and Silestone. When you compare the features Silestone kitchen countertops in San Antonio come up great, they resist staining and scratching; the two biggest problems with any countertop.

Silestone uses quartz crystals which are then fused together into a slab which is ideal as a countertop. The material is extremely durable, resistant to scratches and is non-porous. It resists staining and will not harbor bacteria like other materials. Silestone allows the homeowner to achieve the look of real stone without excessive maintenance.

A good choice for kitchen countertops:

Silestone is ideal for use in any size kitchen, with the wide range of colors and styles the material will compliment any interior design from modern to vintage to rustic and everything in between. There are a number of edge treatments available; square edge, bull nose and mitered edges are all popular.

  • Non-porous: Because the material is non-porous the countertop is impervious to stains, bacteria and viruses. During the manufacturing process antimicrobial protection is added to ensure there is no bacteria problems.
  • Easy to clean: Silestone kitchen countertops in San Antonio are easy to clean and maintain. Although the material mimics the beauty of granite or marble, it does not have the same problems; there is no need to seal Silestone, all it takes to wipe up spills is a soft cloth and a non-abrasive cleanser.
  • Stain resistant: Silestone tops, because they are non-porous are also resistant to stains. Coffee, wine, vinegar, lemon juice and other liquids that affect granite can simply be wiped up from Silestone without any fear of staining.

The color of Silestone tops is uniform; this is not the case with granite or marble. This feature is ideal when there is a need to join pieces. No two pieces of granite are alike; as Silestone is factory made you can rest assured it's all the same so there will be no highly noticeable join lines when you use Silestone kitchen countertops in San Antonio.

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