Which Cabinet Design Is Best For Your Home?

When you are planning a kitchen remodeling project one of the visual elements that will have the biggest impact is the cabinet design. When you are choosing the cabinets there are a number of considerations including the style and construction.

Cabinets can be broken down into four types:

  • The base: These units stand 36 inches high and are 24 inches deep as standard.
  • Wall: The upper wall suspended cabinets are normally 12 inches deep.
  • Tall: Tall cabinets are dedicated to broom storage or as a pantry, they are normally 84 inches tall.

As well as these three “standard” units, a qualified renovation contractor can design and build specialty units for the corner or for appliance storage or even a wine rack.

Cabinet quality

Cabinets are available in a host of different qualities, the first thing that the homeowner must do is set their budget and then investigate thoroughly what is available that meets the budget. Never lose sight of the fact that the cabinets will be with you for a long time, so quality and cabinet design are very important. The thing to look for is sound construction, this holds true whether your budget is such that you can afford stock cabinets or whether you will have custom cabinets made.

Cabinets are available as ready to assemble units, stock, semi-custom and custom. Ready to assemble units are the least expensive but over time you can expect problems as they are not exceptionally durable. Stock cabinets are built up from modular components; depending on how much you have set aside for cabinets they are available in various materials.

At the very high end is custom cabinet design, these cabinets are built to accommodate the space and the desire of the homeowner. Custom cabinets offer the most diversity in terms of design, material, finish and hardware. The design options are endless but custom cabinetry is expensive, but to many it is a price well worth paying.

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