When Is The Best Time To Paint The Outside Of Your Home?

If your house seriously needs a paint job then the best time to paint it is now. If the house is in really bad condition it may be bets to schedule exterior painting as soon as possible rather than put it off until all the conditions are ideal. If however, the condition is not all that bad and you have some flexibility, you can benefit by painting at the right time. By doing things at the right time you can be sure the paint will dry properly and evenly and reduce the risk of inclement weather taking its toll.

  • Local weather patterns count:
    The right time for exterior painting in San Antonio may not necessarily be the right time to paint if you are located in Florida. Although the rule of thumb is "paint in the summer months" if those months happen to be hurricane season then it's a bad bet. The best time to pick for exterior painting in San Antonio is during the time of year when the chances of rain are at their lowest.
  • Temperature and humidity:
    The key factors that influence the quality of the paint job is the outside temperature and humidity. Paint dries well in temperatures between 65 and 85 degrees F and when the humidity is between 40 and 60 percent. Once again, these are rules of thumb; there are paints available that dry well at lower temperatures.

Humidity is important, maybe more so than temperature. Latex paint in particular will not dry well in excessively humid conditions. The paint will dry too slowly and the finish will be less than expected. One thing is for sure; during the seasonal "sweet spot" the best exterior painters are in demand, it is always best to book your painting job well in advance of the season.

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