What’s Better, DIY House Painting Or Hiring A Contractor?

Regardless of how well a house has been painted, eventually it will have to be painted again. A combination of the elements will, over time, cause the paint to fade and peel, the house becomes quite unsightly as a result. When it comes to DIY house repairs house painting falls into the “not technically demanding” category, but it certainly can be messy and take its toll on the homeowner and his time. Hiring a painting contractor in San Antonio is a viable alternative but like all professionals, their services do not come for free and the best ones are often hard to find during that time of the year when it’s the best time to paint.

When a homeowner is trying to decide will I or won’t I paint my own home, the first thing to consider is the magnitude of the job. It is not just a matter of painting the surfaces, they have to be scraped and prepped and these tasks are not pleasant. A homeowner that is accustomed to labor intensive work might be able to cope with the physical demands but those who are not will find it very stressful. Anything larger than a small bungalow might need the services of a professional painting contractor in San Antonio.

There are hidden costs to painting a house that homeowners often overlook. The cost of the paint is a given and it is not difficult to establish but the necessary tools, brushes, scrapers, ladders, etc are not as easy. By the homeowner has bought all the tools and equipment that is needed to do the job properly and safely the cost may actually exceed that of what a contractor will charge for the whole job.

There is certainly the cost of equipment to be considered, there is also the expertise that professionals offer that homeowners rarely possess. A professional crew of painters will prepare the house; they will mask off the windows, doors and cover the surrounding gardens so that overspray will not be a problem. Professional, with their unique talents will be able to move in and complete the job much faster than the homeowner who has to work during the day and only has weekends available. It is usually a better idea to get the job done, done right and done quickly than to have the house remain in limbo for weeks on end.

If your house needs painting you will be further ahead if you hire a professional painting contractor in San Antonio. Call Shaw Company Remodeling and request a site visit and an estimate of the cost to do the job right.

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