What Do General Contractors Do?

What Do General Contractors Do?

There is a bit of confusion about what general contractors do? A lot of people turn their projects over to the GC to make their projects more manageable. A GC does a lot of things but none more important than project management. They can offer a full range of services like:

  • Electrical repairs/installation
  • Plumbing repairs/installation
  • Painting
  • Labor work like demolition
  • Overseeing the project

In many instances a GC has a team of laborers that can perform a full range of activities or they can be the overseers to ensure that everything that is supposed be done is. They are the people that ensure that everything gets done as it should. They may offer services like painting, plumbing or electrical services or they may not! Confused yet? There is no need to be confused!

Making Life Easier

If you have a project that needs a lot of different things done like carpentry, painting, windows and other services and you had to go to each provider on your own and then manage the entire project and deal with all of the contractors it would be time consuming and frustrating. Most people do not have the time to dedicate to manage all of the small sub-contractors that are needed to complete a project.

If you could hand the project over and sign an agreement with one group that would make life easier, enter the GC. The GC will make all the calls for you and manage all of the subcontractors so that you do not have to. It is a case of don't ask don't tell. You do not need to know who the carpenter was that hung you front door you just need to know that it looks great and it is done. A GC will make sure that the work gets done and that it is done up to specifications.

Permits and other code requirements are also handled by the GC. You really do not have to do anything but pay the bills. Of course there is a certain amount of trust that you have to have in the GC that you choose so you do want to be sure that you choose wisely. A reliable choice will ensure that your project is complete on time and that everything is done up to code and look as it should. Think of the GC as the overseer/middleman for your next project!

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