Tips for Getting the Perfect Interior Paint Colors

Owning your own home is exciting enough, but being able to remodel it to your own desires can be even better! Those who rent are often limited in what they can and cannot do to a home, so they may be stuck with ugly colored walls in the bedroom or kitchen which simply don’t go with any of their personal belongings. As a homeowner, you have the complete freedom to hire a painter to recolor your walls any shade you see fit! But how can you be sure the color you admired in a magazine will work in your own home? By following a few simple steps, you can be sure you have selected a color that will compliment your home while working in unison with the existing décor of the room.

Larger Samples mean Better Ideas

When you’re in the market for a new paint color, you might notice those tiny little swatches of color at the paint store. Normally one or two inches square, these chips are supposed to help you decide if the color will work in your home. How they expect you to get a proper feel of the shade from this one little example is a mystery!

  • Ignore the swatches and ask for a sample mix of paint. You can use this to cover a large piece of foam core or poster board and then hang it on the wall in your room. It will give a much better representation of the color and how it will mix with your furniture and other décor.
  • Admire it in all lighting types. Your room will not always be brightly lit and sunny, so be sure to take a look at the larger swatch in the evening, early morning, and as shadows pass through the room. This can help you decide if you would rather adjust the depth of shade or not.
  • Don’t ignore the premium paints. While they may seem more expensive at first, it can quickly pay for itself in the long run. Cheaper brands may require more coats to get proper coverage which means you will need more cans than if you went with a premium brand in the first place.

Whether you will be attempting to take the do-it-yourself route or you want to leave it to the professionals and hire an experienced painter, changing the wall colors within your home can sometimes be all it takes to spice up a room and make it more comforting and welcoming.

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