Things To Consider Before Repainting Your Home

Painting your home is one of the most effective and quickest ways to change the looks and ambiance. Applying paint might seem easy; homeowners are often tempted to go with the "low bidder" thinking that they can do the work just as good as the highest priced painter can. This is far from the truth; a San Antonio interior painting professional will set himself apart from the rest by giving high-quality work that will last for years and will have established a base of satisfied clients. When it comes time to review bidders be prepared to ask many questions, the answers will help you develop a short list of quality contractors.

How old is your home?

Homes constructed before 1978 may have been painted with lead-based paint. This paint must be removed; choose a contractor that can do this work safely, ensuring that you, your family and the painter is not exposed to this dangerous material.

Preparation is the key to quality:

Quality painters know the importance of preparation. It is not unusual for a San Antonio interior painting contractor to spend more time in prep than the actual application of paint. There is no doubt that just applying a coat of paint over unprepared surfaces will be cheaper, but do not expect to be happy with the results.

Quality results come from quality contractors:

Painting contractors that have worked hard to develop a reputation for doing quality work are your best bet. Ask for an introduction to a couple of past clients, talk to them about their experiences, and have a look to see how well the work is standing up to normal wear and tear that happens in a busy home. A reputable painting contractor that is proud of the work they do will be happy to arrange introductions.

Comparing price only without checking the contractor’s reputation and work is not unlike comparing apples to oranges. Do your homework first; you will save money and get the best results.

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