The Importance Of A Licensed Remodeling Company

The Importance Of A Licensed Remodeling Company

When you are ready to start a remodeling project there are an overwhelming number of choices and decisions to be made. Your budget, your materials and your remodeler are the top three. The most important of any of these is your choice of unlicensed or licensed remodelers. Pick the right one and your project can be done on budget and on time. Pick wrong and the hassles can seem endless and you can even end up in court.

Licensed Remodelers Carry Insurance

You never know when an accident will happen. If your remodeler is not licensed and there is an accident on your property, you will be responsible for all medical costs since your remodeler doesn't have to carry any insurance. Many homeowner insurance policies will not cover injuries to any unlicensed contractors. A licensed remodeler is required to carry certain insurances on himself and his crew.

You Need to Protect Your Investment

Your house is your most expensive asset and it is vitally important that you protect it. If you use an unlicensed remodeler for a project, there is no guarantee that all the required permits have been applied for and granted. This can become an issue when and if you decide to sell your home as anything that is not up to code at that time will be your responsibility to repair and you will also need to pay yet again for the same project. Also, since an unlicensed remodeler is not apt to carry liability insurance, there will be little you can do if problems do surface later. That is less of an issue with a licensed remodeler since his insurance is more likely to be willing to correct mistakes and problems.

You will not need to Deal with Subcontractors

Depending on the job, there are parts of your remodeling project that will need to be subcontracted out, like electrical, HVAC and plumbing. If you use an unlicensed contractor and he does not pay those vendors, you will be responsible for those bills, even if you already paid your remodeler in full! When you use a licensed remodeler, you will have recourse under the law.

The Safety of Your Home and Family

A licensed remodeler has been vetted by the state's licensing board which means that you can feel easier about having them in your home and in such close proximity to your family. There are no such guarantees with an unlicensed remodeler.

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