The Different Types Of Backyard Decks

Backyard decks are extremely popular; these structures are perfect for lounging, partying, outdoor eating, etc. Decks add useable space to a home; they can easily be identified as either free standing or attached. As the term implies, a free standing deck is one which has no physical attachment to the house while attached decks in San Antonio are permanently fixed to the house for added stability and a seamless transition from the inside of the home to the outside. Although decks can be made from several different materials, wood is by far the most common although composite decking material is gaining in popularity.

It is far more common to see attached decks in san Antonio than free standing ones. The beauty of an attached deck is that when paired with sliding patio doors, moving from the inside to the outside is convenient and the deck tends to become an integral part of the living space. There is no set rules for the design of a deck, they can be designed o accommodate the homeowners ideas and needs as well as fit the space available. In many cases the deck is an integral component of an above-ground pool, the deck is built using stairs and platforms which lead from the level of the house to the level of the pool. The deck can just as easily be for an inground pool although the elevations will be different to accommodate the fact that the pool edge is lower.

Although an attached deck has many advantages, they cannot always be accommodated; as a result decks are often built away from the home itself. The deck will be free standing; as a result the design must be such that it can support the total weight and remain stable and rigid. Just as attached decks can be designed to suit the needs and wishes of the homeowner, the same is true for a free standing deck.

There is a tendency for decks in San Antonio to be constructed from wood, wood is easy to work with and can stand up nicely to whatever the elements throw at it. Most contractors favor the use of hardwoods since these woods are stronger than softwood, are more resistant to weathering and are quite pleasing in grain and color. Composite materials can be used in cooperation with natural wood, may decks are framed in real wood and composite material is used for the decking as the material is hard wearing and requires minimal maintenance.

There is no limit to the design of decks in San Antonio. The professionals at Shaw Company Remodeling can create a fantastic outdoor deck that will thrill you with its appearance and usefulness.

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