Siding Sets The Tone For Your Home

Nothing adds color or dimension to a home more than the siding. Today there are numerous options available, any of which can help you create the exterior appearance and ambiance that you desire; but choose carefully. There is no doubt that ambiance is important but the durability of the house siding, the ease in which it can be installed and versatility are of equal importance.

The most popular types of hose siding:

There are many different approaches to house siding; brick, stucco, stone and stone veneer are popular, but of all the options, vinyl and wood are by far the most popular.


  • Vinyl house siding is extremely popular, and for good reasons. Vinyl siding is extremely versatile, easy to maintain and low cost. When vinyl siding was first introduced many homeowners and designers were turned off by the appearance, today however, vinyl siding is readily available in a wide variety of colors and styles that compliment the overall appearance of the home. Vinyl siding can even mimic the appearance of different types of cladding, including wood and slate.


  • Wood siding is the exterior of choice for those who own a bungalow or Cape Cod style home. Wood siding is durable and gives a home a "rich look," Although it is durable, it does require maintenance to provide protection from the elements, it is also susceptible to insect attacks. Even with that, a well maintained home that has wood siding can last upwards of 100 years.

    Wood siding is available in different forms. One of the most popular is clapboard which is also known as lap siding, it is also available in the form of shakes and shingles. Clapboard is separate planks that are installed in a horizontal plane, the piece above slightly overlaps the piece below.

The most common woods that are used for house siding are cedar and redwood, both are extremely attractive and being durable, can withstand the ravages of nature.

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