If You Want Your Renovation Project Done Right, You Have Work To Do As Well

If you are planning a major renovation project around your home the last thing you need is to run into trouble with your construction contractor. Construction contractors in San Antonio are extremely important, without one that is knowledgeable and ethical your project can end up costing a great deal more than you had planned on.

  • Do your homework first:

    The FTC, Federal Trade Commission suggests that the search for the right construction contractor should start close to home. If you know anyone that has gone through a renovation project recently, always go to them and find out directly what their experiences were. Even if the individual raves about the quality of the work and the dependability of the tradesmen, always ask the contractor for a couple of more references.

    Check with these references, find out if your friend was just lucky or whether his experience is typical. Ask if the contractor finished the job on time and on budget, try to get invited over to see the workmanship yourself. Always remember; beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, what someone else likes; you may not.
  • Multiple bids:

    During the development of your short list you may have identified a contractor that you were particularly taken with. Even so, shop around; you will get a better sense of what the job should cost. The same thing holds true if a problem should arise during construction. If your contractor should unearth a problem of major consequence don’t hesitate to get multiple bids to rectify the problem.
  • Be detail oriented:

    The only way that you will genuinely understand what is involved is if you ask the construction contractors in San Antonio that are bidding on the job to provide a detailed proposal. It is no good to simply see the total material content and a labor cost, insist on a detailed list of materials. When it comes time to write a contract both the successful bidder and you will stay on the right page from the outset.

Once you have made your choice then negotiate the terms. The industry standard is fifty percent of the price with order with stage payments for the balance as the project progresses. Hold back five or ten percent until all the little details are wound up to your satisfaction.

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