Keeping Safe: Home Improvements Recommended for Mobility Declined People

Throughout life there are several reasons your body may not move like it should be able to. These can be temporary, such as an injury that will heal, or they can be permanent. Some mobility issues are likely to get progressively worse over time, and planning for this can save you a lot of grief. Some household improvements can be done to allow you to stay independent longer; staying in your own space has been shown to increases your quality of life.

Bathroom Improvements

Your bathroom can be a hazard for you, but it does not have to be. There are a several different products that can be used to help keep you safe, and still keep the functionality of the bathroom. Higher toilets are designed to be easier to use, if you have mobility issues. It is recommended that sturdy handrails are also installed. You can convert your bathtub in San Antonio, which lets you install a much safer shower to clean yourself. Standing bathtubs are also available, and still avoid the slipping dangers of trying to get in and out of a traditional bathtub. These will all allow you to continue to take care of yourself, even in the event that your mobility continues to decline.

Stairs and Entryways

Stairs can be difficult for you, if your mobility is restricted. Many homes geared to older buyers are going to be bungalows to reduce this risk. Entryways into houses can provide a particular challenge because they are faced with the elements. Stairs can be challenging, and covering them in ice and snow can make things worse. A sturdy handrail is always recommended, and in cases where mobility is extremely limited other structures may be needed. Ramps are going to be one way to make going up and down easier. This works best outside, where there is room to build a long ramp. For inside applications, you may wish to look at installing a motorized chair to assist you.

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