The Beauty of Sunrooms, Have One Built in San Antonio

Sunrooms are glass or screen enclosed additions that connect the inside of your home with the outdoors. There are different types of sunrooms with different features and uses.

  • Sunroom A sunroom is often called a solarium or conservatory. A sunroom is a glassed-in space attached directly to the house and accessible from the room it is attached to. Sunrooms provide additional living space when the weather is ideal but can be uncomfortable if the weather is too hot or too cold.
  • Four-season Room A four-season room is ideal. Conceptually, it is the same as a sunroom, but it can be heated or air-conditioned. A four-season room can be used year-round in San Antonio.
  • Screened in Room or Porch Rather than glass, this option uses screens. Screens provide constant fresh air without having to worry about insects. Similar to sunrooms, screened in rooms or porches are only usable when the weather is right.


When planning the addition of a sunroom, four-season room, or screened in enclosure, the first step is deciding on the location. The north side of the house is the coolest. The south side of the house is lighter but warmer.

Available Material

The structural supports and components can be vinyl, aluminum, or wood. Vinyl is the least expensive and easy to maintain. Aluminum fails as an insulator and is more expensive than vinyl. Wood is the most expensive but also the most beautiful.

Sunrooms and four-season rooms are walled with glass. The roof can be glass or polycarbonate. Glass is the most expensive option but is the clearest.

The glass used for walls must be tempered. Double-glazing is ideal. It is durable, insulates well, and the glass can be treated to reflect heat and UV rays.

To extend the time during the day that you can use your sunroom to the fullest you can add such things as a ceiling fan, roof shade sunscreens, space heater as well as decorative window treatments.

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