Getting an Accurate Bathroom Remodeling Estimate, San Antonio Contractor Tips

For homebuyers trying to get a bathroom remodeling estimate, San Antonio contractors warn the biggest cost may come from an inaccurate estimate. There are things clients and contractors can do to lower the risks of an estimate falling far short of the final product’s cost. Start off on the right foot by keeping these factors in mind as you shop around for a qualified contractor.

Talk to the Design Staff before Getting an Estimate

A common problem behind bloating budgets is asking for more work as a project goes on. Talk to the design staff of your contracting company early on. Decide what work you want completed and which materials fall in line with your budget – then stick with it! The contractor’s estimate isn’t off if you’re asking for more work or higher-quality materials after the fact.

Build Emergency Money into Your Budget

Sometimes during a bathroom remodel, damages are found halfway through a job. The tile is torn up and the floor is rotting underneath. New code regulations mean replacing pipes or wiring. These kinds of fixes can quickly balloon your budget past your comfort zone.

Talk to your contractor and make sure that before and after emergency work, you get a chance to sit down and go over your remodeling plans. Dropping a few thousand dollars updating piping may mean downgrading from wainscoting to wallpaper or forgoing the built-in shelves you were planning.

Asked for a Fixed Cost Estimate

Fixed cost estimates agree on a service price and the amount of hours a job should take. The homeowner pays full price for work up to that point, then the contractor eats the cost for extra labor or agrees on a smaller fee for those hours. You can also add a clause regarding the length of time a contract takes, regardless of how many hours of labor are involved. When jobs aren’t completed on time, the cost for labor goes down.

These kinds of contracts protect the consumer from unreasonable delays. They also add risk on the end of the contractor. Being sensitive to those risks, while maintaining your own need for security, can help you obtain a fixed cost estimate from a contractor.

For homeowners looking for a fair, reasonable and reliable bathroom remodeling estimate, San Antonio contractors have options to help you feel secure. Budget for one job at a time. Don’t assume extras or emergency work is covered in the price. Set standards for reworking your plan if surprises arise. If you’re feeling very unsure with the process, ask for a fixed cost estimate. Doing those things will help your project end nearest to your quoted price.

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