Getting the Most from your Homes’ Painting and Staining

Sometimes, a simple coat of paint is all it takes to spruce up a room and make it fit in with your existing décor better. The same can be said of wood flooring which can be stained to different shades and levels of darkness. Both exterior and interior painting projects can also help raise the value of a home on the market by providing a cleaner, more welcoming and fresh look. There are many ways to get the most from your interior or exterior painting and floor staining projects, whether you decide to hire a professional or want to put in the effort yourself.

Painting, Staining and Selecting the Colors

Almost any surface inside your home can be painted or stained to change its original color. Many homes make use of concrete in various areas including the foundations, entryway stairs and patio, walkways and more. When someone mentions the word concrete or cement you might picture a dull gray slab of stone with no charm and zero attractiveness. On the contrary, concrete staining has become a popular way to tie in this durable material with the rest of your homes’ interior or exterior décor.

  • There are dozens of shades for concrete stain which can be a pleasing match to siding paint or furniture colorations. You can choose to get a similar color or go off the spectrum for something eye-catching and unique!
  • Staining a hardwood floor is a great way to bring out the natural growth lines and knots in the wood. Exotic woods often have unique grain patterns which can be brought out with stains that offer a golden colored hue.
  • Exterior wall painting is a great way to remove the aged look your home has gotten over years of being in all types of weather. Whether you are painting vinyl siding, wood siding or other exterior materials, there is a rainbow of colors for you to choose from.
  • Interior painting can turn a cold a barren room into a warm and welcoming gathering space quickly and easily! Say goodbye to that gray-walled kitchen and hello to the relaxing warm hues of red, blue or gold!

Only limited by your imagination, paints and many types of stain can be blended into custom colors and shades to suit your unique desires and remodeling plans. Whether you’ve hired a professional to handle the details or want to turn it into a weekend task for yourself, a simple change in color can be all it takes to make a room more enjoyed by the family.

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