Why Choose Granite Countertops, Find an Installation Expert in San Antonio

It seems that every modern kitchen has one thing in common that sets it apart. Granite countertops can help your home look more welcoming and goes with a variety of styles and décor features. Therefore, even if you choose to upgrade other parts of the kitchen, your counters will still work well and look their best. Residents in San Antonio who are thinking of changing their counters should consider hiring an expert because they have the right tools and experience to get things done quickly and safely.

Granite Countertops Durability

Granite is a naturally-occurring stone, which means it is one of the most durable options. It’s not easily scratched or chipped, and you can set hot pans on it in a hurry. While it does need to be sealed yearly, it’s easy to do yourself, or you can always call on an expert to help you with the sealing process.

Bacteria Resistance Granite Countertops

When the granite is sealed, it is considered non-porous, which means liquid doesn’t get soaked up by the material. Likewise, bacteria, dirt and other things cannot get soaked into the counter. While you should still practice appropriate cleaning methods to sanitize, you can worry less about cross-contamination and cook or prep safely.

Family-Friendly Granite Countertops

Some people incorrectly believe that natural stone isn’t the best option for families with young children. However, sealed granite won’t soak up spills if your children are helping in the kitchen or make a mess. You don’t have to baby the stone to keep it looking its best, which means your pets can jump up without ruining the surface with their claws.

Along with such, the counter itself is perfectly flat, which means you can use it to roll out cookie dough or knead bread. Those who enjoy cooking will find that to be extremely helpful.

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