Glass Block Showers San Antonio | Ideas for Considering a Glass Block Shower

Whether you are creating a new bathroom or redoing an existing one, a glass block shower is one way to make it shine. Many people consider them the best looking shower enclosure.

Types of Blocks

You've probably seen glass blocks used for windows and even walls, but they can be used for a variety of purposes, including walk-in shower building. Although standard light blocks are the most popular, you can be bold and select colored blocks. Make sure you really like the color though! A good contractor can help with the design and style choices. While most showers made of glass blocks are constructed with square blocks, you could always test out other styles and types.

What Style?

So what kind of shower cabinet do you want? You have two basic options, a shower cubicle with a door or an open one you wan walk in and out of. One advantage of installing a door is that you can add a steam kit and turn your shower into a small steam room, assuming the shower is completely closed. The cheapest and easiest option is to keep the entrance open and rely on the layout of the glass blocks themselves to keep the water inside when you bathe. A contractor specializing in glass block showers in San Antonio can help local people pick out the right style for them.

Use a Professional

No matter how tempting it might seem, this is not a project anyone should try to tackle themselves. It is not the easiest remodeling job for a homeowner to try and do themselves. Even if you think you could make a glass wall, it is harder than it sounds to build it level and even. Most of us will prefer to leave it to professionals. Of course, for most of us, price is also a concern, so you have to weigh that too. Whatever you choose, if it is done well, your glass block shower should be a source of satisfaction for years to come.

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