Best Cabinet Designs

Taking your kitchen cabinet design beyond plain and simple is a great way to update the overall look in your kitchen. There are many designs you can pick from that will add character and personalization to the room. Following are some of the best types of designs that are available to implement onto your kitchen cabinetry.


The distressed look gives a vintage feel to your cabinets. If you are looking for a more antique look with a little flair, this is a great option to choose from. The weathered style can add a personalized touch without having to update anything else in your kitchen. If you are looking for this type of cabinet design in San Antonio, consult with your contractor on how to achieve this look in your kitchen.


A lacquered design on a cabinet can make your kitchen trendy and in style. With sleek lines and shiny surfaces, the design work on these types of cabinets are minimal, but can still make an impression with color choice and hardware style.

Glass Front

A glass front cabinet acts like a showcase for all of your dishware and glassware. Your dish choice becomes a part of the design of the kitchen and you can incorporate different pops of color around the kitchen for a unique look. Clear glass fronts can make your kitchen more contemporary and updated. Other glass options include a frosted design and beveled designs. All can go well with the cabinetry and colors of your choosing.

Tongue and Groove

Tongue and groove cabinetry design gives a rustic and vintage feel to its cabinets. Generally made from wood, the cabinets can be painted and finished according to preference. You can finish the look off with a shiny protective coat or achieve a weathered look easily. The resulting cottage feel keeps you feeling cozy all year round.

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