Different Paint Finishes And When They Should Be Used

Thursday, December 15, 2016

House paint is not all the same, obviously paint is available in a host of colors; it also is available with a different sheen once it has dried. High gloss paint dries to a high sheen; it is the sheen that makes a surface that has been painted with high gloss paint to show every little irregularity. On the other side of the coin is flat which, when dry, has no sheen at all. Chances are, when undertaking a project that includes painting in San Antonio that different finishes will be used in different rooms based on the expected usage.

Flat paint:

Flat paint is perhaps the most popular, especially for use in homes. The only potential problem is the fact that it does not wear well and cleaning smudges and dirt off the surfaces is far more difficult than it is off a glossy surface. The one nice thing about flat paint is the fact that is tends to hide irregularities, not so with high gloss paint. Flat paint is ideal in bedrooms, perhaps not the kids though, the living and dining room and even the family room.

High gloss:

High gloss paint is just the opposite of flat in characteristics as well as appearance. When high gloss is used for painting in San Antonio the result is a very shiny surface that does not play well with surface imperfections. Surfaces painted with high gloss paint can be cleaned with little more than a damp cloth. High gloss paint is often the choice for woodwork, window and door frames and spaces where there is bound to be a considerable amount of dirt.

In the end, most homeowners opt for the middle ground; a satin or eggshell finish. Satin paint is in the middle; a light sheen, easy to clean and doesn’t tend to overemphasize little imperfections in the surface. This paint is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and children’s rooms.

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