Choosing Your Countertop Material: Things You Must Consider

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Your kitchen is likely the center of your home. It is a gathering place, somewhere you entertain guests, and where you cook great food. With all the time spent in a kitchen, it is a great place to focus a remodeling effort on. While there will be a lot of choices that you need to make, one of the most important ones is choosing your countertop material. It greatly impacts the functionality, the cost, and the look of your kitchen; taking care in this decision is critical.


Your countertop takes a beating. Cutting, chopping, and hot pans all can damage your countertop. Some materials like granite and stainless steel hold up better to this than others. Quartz and limestone are also alternatives that hold up well under this kind of abuse, but they all have their weaknesses. You can look at your kitchen habits and decide what is most important. A baker who deals with hot pans from the oven may lean towards a material that is more heat resistant, while accident prone cooks may want to make sure their countertops are less likely to chip.


The bottom line matters, and cost is always something to consider. While less expensive countertops may be less resilient, expensive countertops may just be out of your budget. This can be a delicate balance, as inexpensive materials may need to be replaced more often. Kitchen remodeling in San Antonio can be an expensive undertaking, and managing costs in all aspects of the project can be challenging.

Design Considerations

Every kind of countertop has its own unique look. The natural and unpredictable look of granite can enhance many spaces, but it might not fit the style you are going for. Stainless steel gives great durability, but it may be too industrial for your liking. It may be somewhat difficult to find a countertop that meets all of your needs, and a balance between all three criteria is going to be your best solution.

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